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Celebrity Sisters inspiring all Mothers out there

Motherhood is the greatest gift, but it can also be the hardest of trials and often moms find themselves feeling solely responsible and consequently, overwhelmed. 

In times like these it is so important to have a network of loved ones offering support. And even though it is great to be empowered by husbands, friends or your own mother, sometimes the person who can offer the greatest support is someone being in the same situation and a similar stage in life. 

And who else understands you better than your own sister? Especially if she is living through similar experiences? 

The world of celebrities offers plenty of excellent examples of duos who are sisters, as well as mothers, supporting each other on their journey through motherhood and empowering moms all over the world along the way. 

Young mother Kylie Jenner is navigating motherhood while maintaining her busy life as an Instagram influencer, Reality TV star and head of her own makeup and skin care brand. A source tells PEOPLE Magazine that the 20 year-old in fact, turns to her sister Kourtney for the best heart-to-heart advice on being a mom. 

“Kylie is really open to advice from her sisters. She’s always been closest to Khloé, but this pregnancy has helped her bond with Kourtney. She thinks Kourtney is an amazing hands-on mom, and that’s how she wants to be.” 

Beautiful how motherhood can help bring sisters even closer together and serve as a bonding experience on an entirely different level.

 The identical twin sisters Natalie and Nicole Albino who released the 2004 hit single "Move Ya Body," have always been close. Since their hugely successful single the two have continued making music and both became mothers as well. The Nina Sky Sisters openly stress an aspect that often gets neglected when talking about parenting and family life, namely how important it is to remain true to your own identity and sense of self. 

“You have to remember not to lose your sense of self,” Natalie tells Parents Latina in an interview. “People say you change when you become a mom, but I think people’s perception of you changes more. They assume that you can’t or shouldn’t do things. But that’s on them.” 

Her sister Nicole goes on to add: 

"You don’t stop what you’re doing when you become a mom. You just figure it out. Parenthood is a constant adjustment. Since ‘Move Ya Body,’ we’ve worked really hard to continue doing what we love. Having kids pushes us more. I want to show Goldie that she should work hard toward her dreams.”

Furthermore, the siblings remind all parents out there that it is completely okay and actually, very important to continue living not just as parents, but as romantic partners as well. It is extremely healthy and beneficial for the relationship to take time to do things as a couple, whether that be a fancy night out or a cozy evening at home on the couch. The key is to keep the love alive. Nicole explains: 

“I also appreciate the little moments we have together — like when Mike comes up behind me and hugs me in the kitchen while the kids are playing in the living room,” she says. “Even if five minutes earlier we were disagreeing, there’s always love there. You feel it.”

And that should be the general take away for all moms from these inspirational sister duos: Feel the love. Feel the love for your kids, your partner, your parents, your sister and last but definitely not least, for yourself. 

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