3 Things You Should Skip on Your Registry

3 Things You Should Skip on Your Registry

Oh shopping for baby goods. Your mission as a parent is to make your little one as comfortable as can be. The baby industry mission is to make sure you buy as much as possible. These are tips I took from parents I spoke to when I was pregnant. The sentiments you will read are those of trusted friends and colleagues but I have to say they are hysterical and valid.

Baby Wipe Warmer
A friend of mine asked if I registered for a baby wipe warmer. No, I exclaimed. And instantly felt like I needed one and I was going to deprive my child of a premium diaper experience. Her response, “Don’t”. Evidently her diaper warmer stayed plugged in and burned a nice spot in her all wood baby changing station. I promptly dismissed this from my list. Cold wipes it is kiddo!

Bottle Warmer
My friend Jason who is a proud father of two, had this advice about bottle warming in general. “Don’t do it man, you’re setting up the expectation of warm milk EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. What happens when you’re on the road and you’ve got to mix a bottle on the fly, then the kid won’t eat. Then they are screaming, you’re two hours from home….” I think he was speaking from experience, and it was a vivid enough picture for me to abandon ship.

MommaRoo by 4 Moms
This is something we did not register for but we received from our friends at the office. We tried this thing multiple times and our little guy was unimpressed. This thing was expensive, bulky and wired to go to the moon and our guy would rather be in the $40 bouncy seat. If you want to try it, my suggestion is to find someone who has one and give it a test drive before investing in it.

What are some things that you received that you never used?!

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Megan K

Yessssss. I completely agree with all of this. Especially the Mamaroo. I wanted one SO badly, but did not receive one at our shower, and we decided not get one, and I am SO glad that we did. Our guy HATES being in containers (carseats, swings, bouncers, anything), and a Mamaroo would have been a $200 paperweight in our house. Great post Stephanie!

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