5 Things To Put On Your Registry, NOW!

5 Things To Put On Your Registry, NOW!
January 08, 2018

There you are, standing in the middle of a big box store. Price Gun in hand. Paralyzed by the overwhelming choice and endless rows of STUFF! Been there girlfriend. Our motto going in was, “have price gun, will use it” but having a ton of stuff is not necessarily a good thing. First of all where to put all of it?! Secondly, reading all the manuals/blogs on how to use these goodies. The manufactures will make you believe you cannot live without their things, I’m here to tell you, you can!

Here are the 5 things that we used the MOST during our first months as new parents:

Doc Brown Bottles - We bought the convertible bottle that allowed you to use or remove the vent flow. If you have a gassy baby, this is a MUST. If you have a baby, you need these bottles.

Boon Farm Grass - What gets used, must get cleaned. This drying rack is perfect for small countertops, really cute and convenient for drying 6-8 bottles at a time. Bonus points for getting the Boon Farm Flower or Tree. Genius little add on for holding all those bottle nipples.

Ollie Swaddle - Now some children do not like to be swaddled, but by god if your child does, this is the ONLY swaddle you’ll need. Wicking fabric (to prevent over heating), easy Velcro design (to prevent Dad from breaking into a sweat) + easy access bottom for night time diaper changes. Win, win, win.

Gerber Kimono Onesie - Picture this, your little darling is screaming their head off because they are wet and you have to (in a pitch black room) unsnap a onesie to get to the diaper to change it. No way, Jose. When we were in the hospital, our son was always wrapped in a Kimono Onesie and Swaddle. If the professionals use it, you will want it. These pediatric nurses know their stuff. And now, you do too.

Boppy Lounger - Sweet heavens is this thing amazing. People are falling all over themselves for the Dock-a-Tot. Have you seen the size of that thing?! You need an SUV to get it from point A to point B. This lounger however, is much more portable (and cost effective). Think of a mini papasan for your mini human. We took this thing EVERYWHERE. Turns out for the first two months tiny people sleep almost anywhere. This little pillow of wonder allowed us to plop our nugget right on the couch and watch him sleep while we relaxed, did laundry or ate a meal. Genius.

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