5 Ways I Organized My Home For The Arrival Of Twins

5 Ways I Organized My Home For The Arrival Of Twins

I put off organizing my home for a long time after the birth of my first. I was very much in gotta go to work, gotta survive this baby, focusing on what works right now and shoving everything else in closets. 

As the birth of my twins was drawing closer, and my first born was not quit 2 yet the amount of things in our home, and baby necessities was getting overwhelming. I knew I was going to need to make some changes before we became consumed in the clutter, roaming around as sleep deprived zombies looking for what we needed. So I took action, this is how I began organizing our home to prepare for the birth of our twins, and the daunting task of soon caring for 3 babies under 3 alone during the day.

1. My Closet: I got rid of all the clothes I hadn't worn in 6 months to 1 year, I let go of all the pre-baby life clothes, and things that weren't flattering anymore. Even if you get back to pre-baby weight your body may be different, you may feel different! The clothes you once loved may not serve that purpose any more. If you don't plan on going back to work it may be hard, but let go of your "work" clothes. Only keeping a few timeless pieces if you plan on re-entering the work force in a few years. Trust me by the time you go back styles change! You will feel like someone different, and may want different clothes at that point to feel your most confident. I then pulled all the comfortable post-partum clothes to the forefront, nursing friendly styles, comfortable leggings, things that would make me feel great but still comfortable. I got rid of frumpy comfortable. I also pulled staple pieces like kimonos, cardigans, over-sized sweaters, and button ups forward so even in my comfy clothes I could pull together a fashionable outfit I would feel my best in. 

Next the children's closets. I sorted out my first born's clothes into bins based on size, knowing I would be able to cycle through them with his twin brothers being born the same time of year. I then made sure his drawers were categorized so we could make getting ready a little smoother in the morning. I pulled all the clothes for the twins' first year and set up their closet. Keeping newborn-3 months in their drawers. Socks, pjs, onsies, pants, all in designated areas. 

2. The Kitchen: From the pantry to cabinets I knew that clutter and messiness had taken over and for me to survive 3 hungry littles, and the future curiosity of cabinets with roaming babies, I needed to pull the kitchen together. I started with the pantry and a ton of baskets from the dollar store. I organized snacks, chips, dried fruits, toddler friendly foods, baking supplies, dinner supplies, and drinks. I made the lower reachable shelf baskets full of healthy options and pre-portioned snack bags my toddler could grab with permission if I was busy nursing or tending to his twin brothers. I set up an area for nursing fuel, my go to protein shake, supplies for my favorite bullet proof coffee, and quick protein bites and bars. Created a safe place to keep my pump supplies. Typically my only pumping time ended up being walking around the kitchen while I was prepping meals and eating with my toddler, so this maximized my pump time and ease! 

Then came the cabinets themselves. OH BOY, did I have A LOT of unused things. I got rid of all the kitchen gizmos, gadgets, and machines I never used. Mismatched tupperware, broken dishes, old baby bottles and worn sippy cups. I purchased dividers and shelves to set up pans, tupperware, and other kitchen necessities in an organized fashion. Created a designated spot for all of the children's plates, cups, bowls, bottles and sippy cups. I can't tell you how much anxiety and stress this saved me down the road while 2 hungry babies screamed and my toddler asked for his breakfast for a 4th time. 

3. Care Baskets: These was probably one of my favorite organizational tools. I pulled together a sick care basket, 2 post partum baskets for the upstairs and downstairs bathroom, a nursing basket for our bedroom, and 2 diaper changing baskets one for upstairs and one for down stairs. The sick care basket had all things baby and toddler colds and needs. Medicine, digital thermometer, Nose Frida, teething oil, chest rub, ointments and a dosing chart for quick reference. The Post Partum Basket included New Mama Perineal Spray, over-sized pads, Dermoplast, with hazel wipes like Tuks, a perineal spray bottle, and extra gauze or over-sized underwear. The nursing basket I kept by my bed for those late night nursing sessions and cluster feeding marathons. It contained water bottles, chap-stick, nipple cream, quick protein snacks, and nursing pads. Finally the Diaper baskets. They included diapers and wipes of course but, I also included my favorite diaper cream, hand sanitizer, supplies for circumcision care (if needed in the beginning), a couple extra onsies and pjs for those unexpected and late night blowouts, nail clippers and files, hair comb, baby gloves, and a small pack of soft tissues. You never can be too prepared for the unexpected! 

4. Go-to-bags: These were small reusable bags, the diaper bag, and a toddler favorited bag used for when we had somewhere to be like Dr's appointments where patience was necessary, during long nursing sessions or getting used to the routine of laying 2 babies down while a 2 year old was still running a muck. I kept sticker books, puzzles, special crafts, coloring pages needle and thread (shoe-lace and hole punched cards and beads) activities and a good flap book in our home go-to-bag and toddler favorite bag to take out. These things were special to these bags and didn't come out at any other time. That way I knew it was a sure way to keep older brother engaged and out of trouble if my attention was needed elsewhere. The diaper bag of course had all the usual essentials just times it by twins and a potty training toddler. When getting out of the house is essential to sanity you want to make sure you always have one ready to go! It helps a ton! 

5. Toys. Last on my list, separating out all the baby toys, and tummy time mats. Pulling my older son's favorite toys into special baskets so he knew where to find all of his favorite things. Creating a designated area, later even with a small baby gate for the twins to feel safe rolling, exploring, and crawling without big brother interfering. This also helped to create some healthy boundaries in the beginning with older brother. He knew what was theirs and his, and that his brothers weren't entirely invading his space, just yet at least! 

These were my top areas for organization transitioning into life with twins and a toddler, and it truly helped me remain a little calmer, feel a little more prepared, and keep a little more sanity in our household for everyone's sake. I hope it helps you and your village of loved ones do the same! If you haven't watched Marie Kondo's Netflix special on Tidying Up and Sparking Joy, I highly recommend that as well as you enter your organizational process!

Happy Organizing Momma! 

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I am a toddler mom, married to my high school sweetheart. A stylist, salon business coach and manager turned stay at home mom after the birth of my identical twin boys who joined our family 2 weeks after my first born turned 2! I fell in love with coaching women to reach their full potential in business and beauty. After entering into motherhood I fell in love with the true capacity for which women have as mothers, and leaders in their new titles as "moms". I want every mother to feel their worth, through the grit, the joy and everything in between.

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