Baby Haze

Baby Haze

Yes they haze you! Those sweet, little bundles of joy. With their soft skin and amazing smelling heads. That little face of heaven you could just stare at for hours..

Those little bundles will have you sleep deprived, , clumsy, sore, angry, happy, sad, delighted, depressed, proud, uncontrollably protective, defensive and every other emotion under the sun and to top it all they will have you covered in their vomit, wee or poop for at least half of your day.

Is this baby hazing? 

Or your baby haze state? 

Who knows???

Is it a mixture of both??

It's not PND or something more serious. It truly is this small phase, many of us go through. A fog perhaps? A funk? A Haze?Does nature overload us with hormones and emotions that go up and down like a see saw, especially in the first 6 weeks after birth??

Does this prepare us for life for the next 20 years? Or even more?!

After my 4th , I felt like the first 6 weeks were indeed the most brutal. I struggled to keep up with anything at all. The other kids, the home, appointments, sleep, life in general. I was so forgetful and just struggled to literally stand on my feet.

Why was I so energetic with the other 3 in this time? Or wasn't I??

I definitely wasn't this hard on myself!

But if I've had 3 before then why haven't I got this together still??

The feelings can become crippling and utterly overwhelming at times. And, it seems like such a wrong time to feel this way. Especially after the happiest moment in your life when your child is born. But remember that this is completely normal. "Baby blues" as they call them will hit potentially in the first week. And in the first 6 weeks it's common to be in a reality haze state while you gather your bearings. Sometimes even longer.

It's ok mama!

Be gentle on yourself and remember to talk with someone. Your partner, friend or even GP if you are really concerned.

This time around for me, it really knocked me down. It was almost as if I had completely forgotten, that you don't just get straight back into it! You just had a baby!

Physically and emotionally it's possibly the most demanding thing you have ever done. But talking does help. Acknowledging that you are not ok is a great step to helping yourself out. Ask for help around the house. Don't overload the household with visitors unless they can help out too. Get some fresh air. Be nice to yourself. But don't be scared.

Remember that so many women like you feel this way after having a bub and it's ok. Just take it one day at a time. The haze will soon fade....!

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So about me…..this is the part where I am supposed to tell you about me. Um..Well ok.
I am Jess. The Um Mum.
I have called myself the Um Mum for 2 reasons.
Firstly I say um about a billion times a day and I am acutely aware of it since it was pointed out at a speech I did a few years ago for a performance launch. I am convinced since then I have gotten considerably worse.
The second is I hear…um…mum from my 7 year old and toddler about a trillion times a day that now it’s just really my new adopted name in our house. Every single thing begins with…um…mum.
Anyway, like I said I am Jess and I am 33 years old with 4 Children, Byron 8, Evelyn 3, Elizabeth ( Zuzu) 18 months and baby Darcy. I have a beautiful, extraordinary husband whom I adore!
I have a background in performing arts as well as early childhood education and am currently studying nutrition. I like to keep busy! Our life changed when our eldest son was diagnosed with Autism, and from then our world burst into chaos, colour and took a whole new meaning. We are a tight little tribe and love sharing our journey on this cray ride called parenthood!

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