Beauty and Boundaries

Beauty and Boundaries
September 18, 2019

Dear Mom,

Your child is a bright, shiny ray of light that shines out what you put in... sometimes. And other days, she won't. You will pour and pour and pour and wonder... where did my light go?

So, what's an exhausted, hard-working mama supposed to do?

Practice patience.

Practice grace.

And practice setting new boundaries.

While your light absolutely impacts hers, your child is (wait for it) NOT YOU. She is her own little or big person. She is responsible for her own light. Can you support her brilliance? Absolutely. Is it entirely up to you? Nope.

How do I know this?

I live it. I am the proud mother of an atypically wired child. Some days, I pour relentlessly into her - the results unseen. Others, I am sure that I've made an impact. But honestly after loads of hard work, I'm not emotionally attached to either space. I crave, desire, want, hope for and pray that my child will shine. I've done my part. The rest is up to her... her mind, her body, the way her cells interact with one another, how the world treats her, how she treats the world and so much more.

Mom, you are only a small piece of the puzzle, even though you have the biggest job.

How will you create a new boundary to protect your heart?

Can you release your expectations for what her response to your love looks like?

I would love to hear.

Cheering you on. Always.

xox J.

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