Curating Courage

Curating Courage

And now, after everything, I know this; there is a reason I am here and that reason is bigger than me. So I will carry on with great faith beyond what I can see, in pursuit of bold courage on the adventure of the journey. - Morgan Harper Nichols

Oh bless the broken road that leads us to COURAGE, my precious mama-friend.

Life can be absolutely challenging. It can bring us to our knees; a place where we have little choice but to look up if we want to survive—let alone thrive. On my personal path, looking up has been both easy and hard. And as I hold space with my clients, I often recognize the same in them. Moments where it's with ease that we lean into what we believe and hold onto hope. And moments where it is impossible to lean into anything.

Two years ago, I had the honor of attending to a dear friend in her first hours of loss and grief. I remember receiving the phone call, and shouting at the sky: "I am not okay with this!" And then, I booked my flight without childcare or a car to get to her or security in our finances (honestly, we were at barebones back then).

Courage is cultivated when we face hurt and hardship and brokenness, and keep marching on. In my short and long life, I've had dozens of experiences where I could have—and sometimes wanted to!—give up. But the more that we persevere, the more that bravery and courage come naturally.

Without the hardness of the many years before, I would never have booked that flight. Yet, because my cells knew that life can be trusted, I did. And it was one of the most irreplaceable gifts of my life.

What hardness has stripped you of your faith?

What hardness has caused you to embrace it—and has made you more courageous?

I would love to hear. Without knowing it, I'm willing to bet you've already become more courageous than a younger you could have ever expected.

Be Blessed,


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