I Encapsulated my Placenta and here's what happened…

I Encapsulated my Placenta and here's what happened…
October 23, 2019

Whether you are totally grossed out or curious, I'm here to tell you I was in the same boat and decided to just go for it after my third pregnancy and get my placenta encapsulated. 

I am fortunate enough to have an amazing certified, locally owned, and operated company that will pick up your placenta after birth and create beautiful wellness bundles for Mommas. You can add on flavored capsules, placenta prints, and a keepsake made from the umbilical cord. I chose to receive 100+ Capsules as well as a tincture to use after my capsules are gone, as well as the art.

Initially, I was nervous to try them because it's a little daunting right? Definitely new. But I remembered all the reasons I collected that led to me wanting to take them. I wanted a better Postpartum experience ranging from my mood to improved healing. So I started with 2 a day and then increased to 3 a day and here's what I noticed: 

Right away I felt an ease of mood, I didn't feel as if I was riding the roller coaster of hormone dips like I was with my past postpartum experience. I felt as though my hormones and state of mind seemed to be tapering down calmly. My skin seemed to be reacting better than in the past as well and was clear of the hormonal breakouts I was used to seeing. 

As for all the other things placenta encapsulation can tout as benefits, such as increased energy, healing, and increase in milk supply: When it comes to energy I will say that because I didn't seem to be battling with my moods I had much more energy as I chased around my older 3 boys and took care of our newborn. 

And while I did feel like my healing process was pretty quick this time, I feel like this can also be attributed to a less traumatic birth. With regards to milk production, my supply has definitely been very strong right from the beginning and that is a definite plus! 

All that being said, I think it is definitely something I would do again. As far as recommending it goes, it's your body, your choice. Just educate yourself and if you are open to the benefits I believe it's totally worth it! 

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I am a toddler mom, married to my high school sweetheart. A stylist, salon business coach and manager turned stay at home mom after the birth of my identical twin boys who joined our family 2 weeks after my first born turned 2! I fell in love with coaching women to reach their full potential in business and beauty. After entering into motherhood I fell in love with the true capacity for which women have as mothers, and leaders in their new titles as "moms". I want every mother to feel their worth, through the grit, the joy and everything in between.

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