Intentional Motherhood

Intentional Motherhood

I’m sitting here staring at a blank page right now, knowing that I need to write a blog post for this week – if for no other reason than I committed to it – and in this season of life, that’s enough.

Being intentional with my time and my life has been an “in-process” place and space of my life for many, many years. I was a busy girl. I’m now a busy woman, wife, mother, and friend. But I’m a woman who knows boundaries now, too. (Thank you Melanoma.) I exhausted myself - mind, body, and spirit - with unintentional living for far too long. Does this sounds familiar? I know I'm not alone. In fact in conversations with the hundreds of women I have coached over the last seven years, there is a reoccurring theme of fear-based decision making. The possibility of hurt feelings (of family and friends and perhaps even strangers) or experiences looms over our heads - and we live with an overzealous yes-streak. We can do all the things... right?


Two years ago at a conference listening to Bishop T.D. Jakes, I soaked up one of the most significant lessons on intentional living that I now impart to you: Doing all the things is possible. Just not all at the same time. We can live with intent. And nothing needs to suffer. But, it might for a moment, an hour, or a day.

Can you be okay with that?

I can.

In beating Melanoma (the "worst" form of skin cancer), I have begun to beat unintentional living, too. There's something about the "C" word that changed life for me. My prayer is that my "C" will change your life too. So, let me be blunt here: Are you sabotaging your potential because you aren't managing your life, your time, your emotions, your sleep, or your well-being?

Me must manage it all better. We can be intentional, my friend! And we can do it with self kindness. There is absolutely no need to beat yourself up. (This is a zero-guilt zone.)

Take a moment and grab your calendar, your phone, or a sheet of paper and let's create your action plan for Intentional Motherhood right now:

Your Game Plan

1. Write out your schedule. Put everything on it that matters.

2. Clearly identify what's missing. Did you put time with your kids or husband on there? What about time with your BFF? Do you need to call your mom or schedule that waxing (that is long overdue)?

3. Remember the goal is to have serenity in your motherhood experience. Is there a day you've just packed in too much? Reorganize your plan. If Saturday night is date night, maybe Sunday isn't the best day to get a manicure. Unless you're bringing your daughter, sister, mother, or BFF along. Or maybe, since Saturday night is date night, you need Saturday afternoon alone (introverts unite). Note: Self kindness is appreciating you as you are, as you work toward where you want to be. Intentional Motherhood is seeking progress, not perfection (wink).

4. Plan how you'll stay guilt-free. If you've over-committed to life, maybe it's time to start removing some items from your calendar. Guilt is a side effect of unintentional thoughts. Remember, we can do all the things - just not in the same moment, day, week, or season!

How does this process resonate with you? Are you ready to live with intent?

You can do this. And I promise if you explore life in the present, your future will be brighter than you can even imagine.

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