New Year, New Values?

New Year, New Values?

As 2018 ended, I found myself in a completely new space. For the first time in my eight years of running a business while running our sweet little home - my plans, my goals, and my focus for the New Year were aligned with my values.

So, I'll pause here and ask you to do me (and you!) a great big old favor. Take a gander at what you've plotted for 2019. Now, ask yourself just one question: Does it match with what I value?

If you're not sure, it might be time to figure out what you do value. Is it peace? Security? Kindness? Generosity? Curiosity? Strength? Family time or flexibility? Health? (Note: you can head on over to Google and type in "list of core values" if you need help on this. There are some great free worksheets out there!)

What next? Make a list of just three core values, and then reflect. Are you in alignment this year? If not, what needs to change.

On this note, I'll share with you something I wrote in my journal a few years back. It's part personal manifesto; and it's part close-encounter with what a life lived with my values looks like. I pray this inspires you and fills you with your own craving for a life built on what makes you strong.

I Am Committed

I am committed to being a vibrant and active member in my community.
To trust and to delegate my needs out to others.
To rawity, realness, authenticity, and growth.

To holding space, creating margins wide enough in my life as to not marginalize my Lord and Savior.
To healing and hope.
To dealing with everything.
To having healthy boundaries.
To fix nothing and process everything with God.
To nourishing the women in my life; welcoming their nourishment with honor and gratitude when and if it is offered.
To expect nothing and be grateful for everything.
To plan for my future and then work the plan.
To be a blessing to all those I meet.
To smile every single day about something, because God.
To find myself caring more about what He wants for my life than I do.
And more about what He thinks about me than any other being.

Maybe you'll read this and write a personal manifesto, too. But if not, grab those three core values and run like crazy toward your best possible life. It's waiting for you.


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