Our Names Last Forever

Our Names Last Forever
November 30, 2021

Naming a child can be one of the most stressful tasks a parent will do. There are so many names to choose from, unless you have a family name, which makes it a little easier. You worry about what friends and family will think. You think about your child’s future with that name. You think about your child despising you for the name you chose. The list goes on and on. 

There are parents who wait until their child is born to give them a name. There are parents who have names they have picked since they were children. Then, there are parents like my husband and I, who scroll through dozens of lists online, just to hopefully come across a couple we truly love. 

I am Caucasian and my husband is Japanese and African American. Our three children have Japanese first names, then American middle names. At first, we thought Japanese names would be really unique and cool for their middle names, but instead we decided their first names would be Japanese. We had a ton of influence from family members, which at times, was flustering and stressful. There were many arguments and feelings hurt, but at the end of the day, we are the parents and we get the privilege of naming our children. 

The names we chose for our children are Kenzo, Hiro, and Nori. I absolutely love every single one of them and I can’t even imagine my kids with other names. I never even think about the past names we argued about. We are currently pregnant with number four and going through the name decision as you read this. With each child, it doesn’t get easier, but names are so important and worth every ounce of stress and sleepless nights. Our names help create the people we become. Take your time and find a name you love and can’t stop thinking about. Everyone is going to have outside influences, such a family and friends, but remember, you are naming your child. So, whether you have a list of names from high school or you name your child once he or she has born, there is no wrong way. 

Bethany W Follow

Creator of social media platforms for mom's to help one another and to embrace this crazy, wonderful journey together. I think it is extremely important for moms to support each other. I don't take anything too serious and I am a firm believer in being able to laugh at yourself. I LOVE LOVE coffee. Did I mention I love coffee?

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