Perfect Timing

Perfect Timing

I have pondered many, many things over the last eight years of motherhood. And timing has absolutely been one.

For example, the moment my son was well and I chose to go back to school (for a second degree as an ARNP), I gained ownership of a debilitating back injury and had to re-learn how to use my left leg. Or another example, the moment I needed to escape special parenting (my precious girl was well attended to in a wonderful school we found), and I became the steward of an incredible role in ministry, yet Melanoma strikes and I return home. Again. Or how about now: I'm at home - where I've apparently (definitely) been called and my children come home for the summer... and here I am laid-up in the most distinctive pain-space, napping daily because of steroid withdrawal and tiptoeing through life as to not create more of said pain.

Timing can be a blessing or a curse. What I find phenomenally interesting is how many of my clients and customers come to me in the midst of rough, tough, hard, and ugly experiences - and take timing as the latter: a curse. What I try to describe to them, and what I have focused on sharing in the book I presently write, is we choose how to define the path we walk.

For 14 years I have been in the midst of exceptionally challenging spaces - I have chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS/ME) and it's been the foundation for all of these struggles; and for eight of these years, I have simultaneously mothered through them. I have also chosen to look at each one for new knowledge. Knowledge of who I am, who God is here, and what I'm truly supposed to be learning in the midst of what seems to be an ongoing adventure jam-packed with so. much. wildness.

What I've found is this: we can resist the timing of (insert your "fret" here), or we can accept it, grow with it, and inspire from it.

Today, take a moment to map out what acceptance, growth or inspiration can come from what you're facing. The timing might not feel perfect, but I'm willing to bet that there might be a gift or two in where you're at. For me, the gift of steroid withdrawal with two small kids at home has been 100% attentiveness to our needs. Business is on the back burner, which means life gets to come first. As a creative and often overly-driven being, I find this to be a blessing. I get to press pause right now.

I'd love to hear your insights!

So many blessings my sweet friends. xox J.

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