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Being Pregnant During the Pandemic

Being Pregnant During the Pandemic

As if pregnancy isn’t stressful to begin with, let’s add a global pandemic to the mix. 

When we’re pregnant, we worry about a number of things, such as, having enough diapers, what theme will the nursery be, what will our baby look like, eating healthy, exercising, resting, and the list goes on and on. It’s one hundred percent natural to think about those, but what if there is a global pandemic going on during your pregnancy?

I was pregnant from August through March, which to me, was the scariest time, because at the end of my pregnancy was when Covid had started to take over and shut down everything.

I would receive texts, daily, asking if I was even allowed to have my husband in the delivery room with me. I would wonder if I had to wear a mask while giving birth. All of these things, on top of the normal pregnancy worries, were a lot. One of the worst things you can do is stress, but how on earth do you not at a time like this? 

Everything ended up going well and honestly, the hospital stay was the least stressful part of the entire pregnancy. Everyone was so informative, helpful, and extremely safe. We were literally in the hospital for twenty-four hours--yes, only twenty-four hours. 

To say it was a whirlwind is an understatement. The hospital wanted to get patients out as quickly as possible, so that made sense, and honestly, I was okay with that. 

The reality had set in, I now have a Covid baby, meaning, my baby was born during the pandemic. 

I’m not sure if this is a global term, but even after I titled her as such, strangers have referred to her as: “oh, she’s a Covid baby”. 

It’s extremely strange to have a baby and not be able to share her with even close friends and family. She is eleven months and has yet to meet so many people. In a way, it’s very sad, but that’s the world we are currently living in. She has seen more people in masks than without. She has smelled more sanitizer than perfumes. She has never attended a music class or even a play date, which again, it’s sad. 

I know it will get better, it already has, but to know I was pregnant and delivered a baby during a pandemic is both scary and amazing. 

This is only my experience with pregnancy during Covid and I know some moms can relate and others will have a completely different experience.

Just know everything will be okay and stay strong. We’re moms, it’s what we do. We are all warriors. 

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Bethany W

Creator of social media platforms for mom's to help one another and to embrace this crazy, wonderful journey together. I think it is extremely important for moms to support each other. I don't take anything too serious and I am a firm believer in being able to laugh at yourself. I LOVE LOVE coffee. Did I mention I love coffee?

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