Your True Identity is Not "Mom"

Your True Identity is Not Mom

As I'm writing this, it's International Women's Day and I've already given a shoutout to the tiny woman in my life. The one who pushed me to my knees—where I became a better person. Honestly, being Wild's mom continues to make me a better person daily. Yet, after a crisis in which I realized my blog and my business are two separate entities (gasp!), I sat to ponder my true identity the other day. (There are so many learning curves along our paths, precious friends.) I was reminded that my truest identity is not mom.

It's also not blogger, business owner, wife, friend sister, or coach, etc etc. But specifically, for the purposes of our time together today, it's not mom.

I mother, yes. I may respond to the name Mom, Mama, or Mommy—even when my kids aren't in the room (truth). I cannot thrive if I make my entire identity about motherhood, though. And neither can you. You see, there is a situation going on in American culture (and probably the culture of most first world countries). It's the almost-unavoidable challenge of getting swept up in being the perfect mother to the extent that nothing else exists in life. I did it. I do it some days, still. Truly. Check my facebook status posts for the words "called to mother" after beating melanoma, and I posted some sort of status along these lines almost every day for months and months. But when the you-know-what hits the fan, my identity is not bound by motherhood. Neither is yours.

Take a few minutes today and, regardless of the many hats you wear, write down some of your attributes. Think about the qualities you encompass in every role. Consider your character in and apart from relationships. Once you've written a list of all the beautiful realities of you—of the woman that you are in every place and space beneath the spit up or the suit—create a new language around your identity. Maybe compile some affirmations to spur on your growth. You are worth it.

As a woman of faith, I find it particularly hard to not love myself a bit more when I reflect on what my God created. For me, my identity isn't in any role other than His.

xox J.

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