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When My Husband Asks What's Wrong, It's Easier to Respond: Nothing

My husband looks at me, and asks me “what’s wrong?”Nothing I reply. What can I tell him? ...


Coping with Mood Swings and Irritability During Pregnancy

When you found out that you were pregnant, you felt nothing but happiness and joy. Unfortunately, as...


Having a Healthy Marriage With Kids (+ Why We Don’t Exchange Valentine’s Gifts)

It’s love month! And while I am frequently found strolling the dollar aisles at Target getting fes...


Where Dad Fits in With Parenting: What to Expect and What to Let Go

Everything was all lovey-dovey in the beginning with you and your husband. Add a kid or two to the e...


Post Partum Sexuality

One of my followers asked me to talk about the post partum period and sexuality. I think this is a v...


5 Types of Mama Boundaries and Why You Need Them

In motherhood, you add a layer of growth in your ability to set and maintain boundaries begins. Afte...


Your True Identity is Not "Mom"

As I'm writing this, it's International Women's Day and I've already given a shoutout to the tiny wo...


Don’t Forget About Your Husband

If motherhood has taught me anything, it is that being open and honest about my feelings is one of t...


Valentine's Day + 4 Ways to Pursue a Healthy Relationship 365 Days a Year

Although Valentine’s Day can be a bit cheesy, I believe that it shouldn’t be overlooked if you...


Socialising outside the Media!

I made a challenge for myself a while back. And I encourage you all to do this too.For months I was ...

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