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16 month old says no words?

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My baby doesn't say any words, looking online it seems like she should be copying words at this point but she doesnt - she does babble 'mama, dadda' & random noises... she understands words like no, 'let's go out' she'll run to the door... should I be concerned or is 16 months quite young still? First child so no idea! Thanks!

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Dani S Follow 4 Years

My son is 17 months and he can say: MumDadDaw (dog), NaNNoYeah yeah yeahDeeee (duggee) CarBoo (book), Bow (boat), All gone, Oh no. He mostly babbles, says gah gah gah and eeeeeeeee a lot..., I'm not sure if he's on target development wise or not but at least it's a comparison,,,


Yep, same here, mostly babbles

Kathryn S Follow 4 Years

I think I would first talk about it with your pediatrician, they will be able to give you information as to what you can possibly expect at that age. From my experience it seems as if they listen, observe and understand first, soaking all the information in for as long as they need to and then all of a sudden they start attempting to repeat or saying more and more words. My 13 month old mostly babbles sounds, but she can say some things. Occasionally she will come out with a word or repeat what her sister says, like "go" or "done" but then we won't hear her say it again. I also have experienced verbal explosions so to speak, where it's like overnight all of the information they have been soaking in comes out. My best advice would just be to keep on naming things, reading books and speaking throughout the day and talk to your pediatrician about your concerns. Each child develops at their own pace and development is more of a continuum. So many of these milestones are more or less guidelines to give you ideas of what to expect but each child is so different. 

Drew T Follow 4 Years

Hey mama! 

Sometimes children just have delayed speech for no apparent reason. They normally will talk when they’re ready. But I would still take her to her pediatrician just in case because sometimes there can be other issues!

Good luck! 




Gabriella J Follow 4 Years

Thanks everyone! Super helpful <3

Chrissie T Follow 4 Years

Hey there! I have two daughters, one is 6 and one is 3, when my second was a young toddler i noticed she was later to speaking than my first was.  In my case this is because she is used to using other people to speak for her.  However, I think that it's both common for your daughter to be speaking this many words at this age and also for you to be concerned.  We googleeverything new and scary especially when it comes to our kids!  I remember googling everything with my first.  Personally I would not be concerned, she sounds very normal for her age as long as your paediatrician doesn't see any evidence of tongue-tie or other cause for concern (If you noticed she had trouble drinking from a bottle/latching on etc when she was younger this could mean tongue tie).  If you want to give her a little helping hand you could try getting her to ask for things with single simple words more.
Hope this helped in some way - Don't worry, she sounds all good

Bethany W Follow 4 Years

Girl, your child is talk when your child wants to.  Make sure to talk to your pediatrician just to make sure your child doesn't have anything wrong with he or she's actual mouth or hearing....My son was super stubborn and my nephew, the same. Once 2 hit, it was on! The words just started spilling out. 


Your child will talk when your child wants to*

Diana G Follow 2 Years

Hi Gabriella, I wouldn't be too concerned. Children develop at different rates. I've heard several moms say their kids didn't talk til this age or that and they're completely normal and fine. My mom told me I didn't talk until after 2 and I have no health issues. My point is try not to worry too much. Just keep reading to her, talking, playing, bringing her around other kids, etc. She will talk when she is ready. Hope this helps! :)


*thanks for your answer

Hi Diana, for your answer, very appreciated (and sorry for the very late reply lol ;-)

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