Myshaa W Follow 3 Years

5 months and still nauseous any tips ?

5 Answers

Chrissie T Follow 3 Years

Some people can be nauseous for their entire pregnancy.  Just like Kate Middleton ! What I used to do was eat little amounts and often.  Ginger biscuits can help along with a cup of tea or something else hot! (showing my british-ness there)

Danica Mae M Follow 3 Years

I'm also at my 5th month and still vomiting. Been diagnosed with hyperemesis gravidarum in my early months. There are some days better than the others. I usually have candies in my bag or pocket it helps. 

Victoria B Follow 3 Years

I was sick all the way through with my daughter, and never sick at all with my son. Mention it to your doctor, because sometimes it can be serious, but more often than not they can offer you something to help with the nausea. 

Good luck!

Jennifer R Follow 3 Years

My dr told me of a study where women took vitamin c and k together. 95% of women felt better within 3 days. It worked for me too and I had tried everything before.

Kyra E Follow 3 Years

You can get your doc to prescribe an anti-nausea medication. I got diclectin (in Canada). It worked wonders. I only had to use once daily but could use up to four times a day. It was a literal life saver for me. 


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