Gabriella J Follow 5 Years

Extreme heartburn from pregnancy?

I'm having such a hard time dealing with heartburn during my pregnancy. It just won't go away!! Have any of you dealt with this? Any solutions that worked for you??

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Bethany W Follow 5 Years

OMG that is sooooooo normal. I would almost say that if you don't get heartburn during your pregnancy, then something is wrong! hahahahah just take some antacids and definitely bring it up to your doctor.  

Jennifer R Follow 5 Years

I had it too! My doctor said antacids like tums were fine to take. I found I took them so often I got sick of the flavor and so I bought a variety. The gummies were my favorite. They also sell some that are chewy like skittles. Always tell your doctor just in case, but its so normal. Try not to eat within a few hours of bed and sleep with your head propped up to avoid the acid too.

Jessica B Follow 5 Years

Totally normal ! I would take zantac 2x a day am and pm before bed ! Tums in between .. Hope this helps .. 

Arega G Follow 5 Years

O me tooooo,  and here is some food ways too, eat a natural yogurt, apple and banana,  that's what's usually helps me ) 

Anika P Follow 5 Years

That was my whole pregnancy.  Tums and zantac are safe and good. I drank alot of mineral water which helped alot. Aslo my doctor mention that if you eat avoid drinking water for about 20 mins. In addition watch the kind of food your eating that can cause the reflux such as tomatoes, lemons, spicy food....

On a funny note mh mother in law mentioned that if you have alot of reflux means your baby will be born with alot of hair. ?

Gabriella J Follow 5 Years

Thanks everyone for all your answers. X

Dani S Follow 5 Years

Yep .. all the time ?

Kyra E Follow 5 Years

You can also get a prescription for ranitidine which is safe in pregnancy. Worked for me and you can take it a lot or a little. Worked wonders for me. I was literally overdosing on Rolaids. Just talk to your doc or pharmacist. 

Ana P Follow 5 Years

Hi! It's normal. Try Gaviscon, it works! Heartburn = baby with big nails and a lot of hair. 


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