Liezl H Follow 5 Years

Hey moms! Any suggestions on transitioning baby from co-sleeping to crib without using the cry it out method?

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Aaliyah J Follow 5 Years

Wait til they are fully sleep, then place baby in crib.. It should work, I had to do my daughter like that.

Drew T Follow 5 Years

Hi mama!

Transitiong a baby to their own bed can be very difficult, luckily there are a few tips and tricks to help the transition!

I know you said no cry it out, but I would like to offer a little tidbit from my own personal life. To get my son to start sleeping in his own bed I would wait until he was calm and sleepy. Then I would set him down in his crib. Once he started crying I would wait just 5 minutes. Which is a very resonable time to let your little one cry. Then, I would pick him up, calm him down, rock him, and repeat. After a couple tries he started to fall asleep by himself. 

Another method I have used is patting. I would lay my son down and either pat his stomach or his back once he got comfotable. 

Soothing music, light, or white noise is also something that helps many little ones sleep in thier own bed at night. 

Also a lovely. Something comforting for your little one to sleep with. (Depending on how old they are and with supervision)

You can always wait until they are asleep, but sometimes this method can generate difficulties in babies waking up during transfer, or relying on you to fall asleep. 

You first method of approach would depend on what you want the end result to look like. 

Good luck, I hope I was able to provide useful information. 





This is so helpful! Thanks for posting!

Thank you so much for your advice, I will definitely try out these methods ?

Lia W Follow 4 Years

How old is your little one? We just transitioned my son to his crib and we found that the only thing that has worked is

1-putting him to sleep in his room


I was also told by our pediatrician that putting him down while he’s sleepy but not sleeping also helps with self soothing. We’re not at this point yet as we still put him to sleep and then put him in his crib. It works differently for everyone, but this is what works for us right now!

I hope this helps!

Evelen Ayad P Follow 4 Years

I carry my 3 months in my arms till fully asleep, then place him in his crib. It works for me. Before I sleep I feed him again and change his diaper and that way he pulls it through the night longer! Good luck :) 

Chrissie T Follow 4 Years

Yes ! Have you checked out the next2me cribs? they're brilliant.. that way baby is still technically co-sleeping but also in their own crib.. that way you can start off with him/her next to you in it with the sides down and then transition to having him/her next to you with the sides up and then slowly move the crib further until he/she is comfortable not being right next to you! Hope this helps

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