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Hey mommas I’m asking for prayers I’m a single momma of 2 toddlers & just got a new job that Im still training for so Ive had 0 income! I’ve asked for help & since the churches both helped me pay my electric & water(they help 1x a year)im at a loss! please pray! my jobs remote so my phone is essential !

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Diana A Follow 8 Months
Hi Alex, congratz on getting a new job 🎉. The beginning are always the hardest but I know you can get throught this season in life. God will provide 🙏 You will be in my prayers!


@Diana A. Thank you! I’m praying I can find the last of it today to avoid a reconnect fee

Tinley B Follow 3 Months
I am a babysitter! & i would love to help your family out! if you ever need a babysitter i would love to babysit for you for free!
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