Bianca M Follow 3 Years

Hey Mums, I am a mum of 3 and I was wondering how other mums cope with their bodies constantly changing?

2 Answers

Ali S Follow 3 Years

It's definitely hard. Sometimes, I feel like I can make good choices and change it. But life is so overwhelming that I also feel like I push my body (and health) to the bottom of my priorities, too.

Hanna T Follow 6 Months
It is very hard honestly! Every mom will experience this differently. I think as easy as it is to say every mom should understand that they brought life to this world- a beautiful miracle, are bodies did something incredible and being hard on ourselves is so easy because we just want our bodies back and feel good with ourselves.. so to me an advice would be to make sure you always look good so you feel good! Lol meaning to never put yourself aside, put on makeup if that makes u feel better, wear cloths that make you feel beautiful, do your nails if thats your thing, exercise, eat healthy, laugh, love..Your body will change yes but you have control over how you feel about it!
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