Naz P Follow 5 Years

I went to a scan 3 days ago.i was told ive had a misscharge.. am lost i spoken to my midwife and also my cuzin they all say its wrong i have the worst 10 weeks symtoms ..

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Bethany W Follow 5 Years

The doctor told you you had a miscarriage? You would definitely know if you had one. I know some people don't know, but I have had one and I knew right away what had happened and what was happening...

Chrissie T Follow 5 Years

I had a miscarriage at 11 weeks and I felt cheated that I still had all of the symptoms of being pregnant.  It didn't seem fair to me that I still had all the crap parts of being pregnant but was being told that baby had already gone.  If your doctor has done a scan and told you that you're having a miscarriage it's likely he/she has seen that baby does not have a heartbeat anymore.  They should have given you some idea of whats going to happen next... did they tell you to wait and see if you miscarry on your own or do you have to go to hospital for an operation after a certain amount of time ?  

I really feel for you and its one of the worst feelings in the world.  If you're unsure of whether your doctor was right or not, you could pay to have a private scan - private scanners are more likely to take their time and talk to you about whats going on whereas doctors have to get through many appointments a day so may lack a little compassion.

Keep us updated on how you get on
Much love to you and yours <3

Vaila B Follow 5 Years

I am beyond sorry to hear you’re in such a hard place. 

am not a doctor and I have not been through this myself, but a friend of mine had a similar experience. Her body kept up the pregnancy a month or so after her baby had passed. She was 12 weeks along when she found out. It was so heartbreaking. She had to take a pill that terminated the pregnancy. It took her a while to accept that her baby had passed and her body was still trying to take care of it. She was so sure the baby was fine. It was really hard.

For you, I truly hope your baby is okay. If by chance the Drs are right, just know it wasn’t you. Your body is clearly doing everything it can to care for your baby. It wasn’t you. 

Lots of love ❤️❤️❤️

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