Tuba N Follow 3 Years

I'm in 28 weeks .. sometimes my baby is very active .. and sometimes he/she moved very slow.. is it okk .. Or does moms moods swing effect the baby's movement !!!

2 Answers

Umme F Follow 3 Years

Hi yes it's normal baby some time shows very active movement and some time very slow so it's completely normal.. no i don't think so it effect baby movement 

Chrissie T Follow 3 Years

Hey there!
Do you know what .. this is probably the most common thing to plague heavily pregnant women.  I must have gone to the delivery suite 4 times with fear of reduced movements and luckily each time it was fine.  However, nobody can tell you whats normal and whats not in this case.  You know your body and your baby and if you're worried then just call your labour and delivery ward.  ~They told me every time that I went that they would rather put my mind at rest and everything be okay than to have a bad outcome.  Don't ever feel like you're a burden when it comes to you and your baby.  You know best.  A useful link that you can follow is a UK page called kicks count.  Maybe check it out https://www.kickscount.org.uk/

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