Rama R Follow 3 Years

My due date is tomorrow and I still don't have any contractions or symptoms of labor. Is that normal?

3 Answers

Sharon N Follow 3 Years

It's completely normal. Two weeks before or after your due date is normal. Should it exceed  then you should see a doctor.

Chrissie T Follow 3 Years

If this is your first baby you're apparently more likely to go overdue!
Frustrating for you because you've waited so long and you'd like to meet him/her now
I was overdue with both my children... one 10 days and one 2 weeks.
Over the next few days or couple of weeks you will feel light period pains and you'll ask yourself ... is this it ? this could be it !! but when the final event is starting you will definitely know..there's just a different feeling about it.  I will say that I tried EVERYTHING to get things moving...pineapple, curry, sweep, sex and other things and nothing actually worked.  Just know you're in the final stretch and everything is fine xx

Olia K Follow 3 Years

Absolutely normal same here. But I was induced on my due date for other reasons. But itd very common wait for another two weeks. If not contact the hospital.


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