Rikka Jane F Follow 3 Years

They say that its normal for a newborn to have baby pimples and its been like almost 4 weeks, the pimples is increasing and as a new mom i'm starting to freak out. Is this normal?

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Jehan A Follow 3 Years

My baby had that before too. Though it's not alarming if the baby is not havig fever or discomfort but better yet check with your Pedia to be sure. Sometimes babies have very sensitive skin that mild detergents as well as tour cleaning products can harm their delicate skin. :)

Chrissie T Follow 3 Years

Yes, i was worried too when my first daughter had them.   I was told by my doctor that it is because a new babies skin has to get used to the outdoors and the elements.  Your baby will have very delicate and sensitive skin so it is the skins way of getting used to the outdoors.  If you grow more concerned however, see your doctor.  If the spots do not disappear when you roll a clear glass over them then take her to hospital as it could be meningitis.  If they are just tiny little whiteheads then it should be just 'milk spots' and totally fine !

Jennifer R Follow 3 Years

It is fairly normal. Just keep their skin clean and moisturized. Never squeeze the pimples. You can very lightly exfoliate their skin with a super soft baby hair brush.

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