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Tonya R Follow 2 Years
Bethany W Follow 1 Year

Oooooo, very good question. Honestly, I was this way when I was younger. Do you and your daughter have a close relationship? I wouldn’t be too worried, but if you know your ...

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Chrissie T Follow 3 Years

How many strollers have you had ?

I have a friend that has a bit of a stroller addiction.. she has probably gone through 30 strollers or more with two kids :O !!Personally I've had an icandy for each of my kids and then a double buggy for pushing them both around when they were toddlers xDIf I were to add to the ...

Bethany W Follow 3 Years

We have two strollers! 

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Tia G Follow 3 Years
Kwarteng A Follow 3 Years

Yes it is normal 

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Kari V Follow 3 Years
Bethany W Follow 3 Years

What if you put her to bed with her hair pulled/tied back? Maybe even in braids? 

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Gabriella J Follow 4 Years

How to afford a child as a single parent?

My friend is pregnant, but concerned she’ll be raising the baby by herself. She’s got a flat & mortgage, and a good job but is concerned how she’ll be able to afford to bring the baby up.Any tips or advice for her would be very much appreciated - thankyou

Lauren S Follow 4 Years

I think a big thing to do BEFORE baby is to look at the last year of her spending and set a budget.  See where she can cut to save.  That "savings" can be put away n...

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