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Mary W Follow 3 Years
Chrissie T Follow 3 Years

Hey there, I Tried to potty train my first child early (year and a half old) and found that although she would use it sometimes we also had an increased amount of accidents an...

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Kirsty H Follow 3 Years
Drew T Follow 3 Years

Hey mama! I don’t have experience with twins specifically but I did use to be a toddler daycare Teacher! For those who it seems extra hard to stop conflict and fighting...

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Lauren S Follow 3 Years

Any advice on #2 in the potty? Should we wake him up to go?

Asked in Toddler

Our 2.5 year old is doing great with potty training but he isn't pooping in the potty yet.  He tends to go first thing in the morning or when he wakes up from his nap. When he doesn't go after nap he always wakes up dry so I would love to drop that pull up if possible...

Jackie P Follow 3 Years

I personally would just keep making him go before bed and right when he wakes up. We always put my daughter in pull ups at night for the first couple months at least.

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Kathryn S Follow 3 Years

Is this normal of a 1 year old?

My 13 month old still doesn't always sleep through the night. She does have her nights she sleeps from 6:30 - 7 but I feel like she definitely also has more nights when she wakes up anywhere between 1 and 4am wanting to be changed and fed and then will go right back to sleep unti...

Wendy L Follow 3 Years

I would say this is normal, she also might just be going through a growth spurt. 

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