Ali S Follow 2 Years

What is something your kids do that endlessly annoys you?

1 Answer

Dani S Follow 2 Years

Great question

Something my kids do that annoys me? My kids never annoy me. They're perfect, respectful, patient, non whining little angels lol ;-)

If I had to choose one thing that annoys me the most that would be that when my kids dont understand that when they want something, they need to wait a little bit. The world revolves around them of course, and if they have something in mind, they want it NOW 

And how about you?  What annoys you? ;-)


That is a good one! My kids are the worst when they are waiting on food! nnMy kids are getting big enough that when they run up and suddenly cuddle on me or give me a hug, it's like getting hit by a linebacker, lol. They are 4 and 5, and both are stout. It knocks the air out of me.

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