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Morning everyone! 
I thought today would be great to introduce 2 out of my 3 children. 
Natalie my daughter & Avery my son have this beautiful bond and friendship that has grown over the years. My son Avery is diagnosed with severe non verbal autism. Avery loves showing his sister Natalie what he can do and where do go exploring next. 

Katie E

3 Months
Hi I'm a mom of a teen and a tween both special needs, my teen has ADHD and type 1 diabetes, my tween has autism and ADHD, they are my life. I love coffee,diet mt dew,chocolate, hanging out with friends. Bonfires,camping,hunting,fishing and camo are my thing. #Coffee #mt dew #hunt #fish #camo #hunting #fishing #camping #chocolate #bonfires #type 1 diabetes #autism #adhd

Jami M

3 Years
Tough day in parenting some exceptional kids. But my work life rocked! Balance doesn't exist - but pick one thing, and do it well today. Sometimes for me that's as simple as a clean table! #motherhood #autism #work #life #stephenhawking

Jennifer M

3 Years

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