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Apologies. Long post! ?

It was in 2017 that I found out that I've got polycystic ovaries. I was worried then because my OB said that it will take 6 to 2 years to fix the hormonal imbalance, and may have the possibility to not get pregnant easily. I accepted it and just prayed to God that no matter what, I know He is the only one who knows what's best for me.

Then, in June 2018, I got married. That was one of the best moments of my life. My husband and I agreed that as soon as we get married we will try to have a baby right away. We were not bothered of my condition. We just enjoyed our honeymoon and every day that we're together. My husband is a seaman and since he has only 1 month vacation after 6 months onboard, our chance of making love and successfully conceive is very low. We just lift everything up to the Lord. 

August 25, 2018, my husband is scheduled to leave again for work. I had 2 PTs (July 20 and July 30) and they were all negative. I think that was it, I said to myself maybe not yet our time. Better luck next time. Until one day, August 13, my husband asked me to do another pregnancy test. He noticed something different with me. I did the test even at the back of my mind, no chance that it would be positive. BUT, no I was wrong - I saw two lines. I was shaking. I cried and prayed - Thank you Lord. 

Now, I am 27 weeks pregnant. We are now on our third trimester. I am excited and nervous, mixed emotions. I can feel my baby's kick or burp, and I am loving it. My heart is full of happiness. And as I enter this new chapter of my life, being a mom, I would be happy to meet and learn things from YOU - SUPERWOMAN MOMS. I woukd love to hear your stories, tips for being a first time mom, and anything under the sun that would make my mom journey more fun and exciting. Thanks and talk to you soon! ?

Acee A

3 Years
Just a boy and his trucks. #Boys #kids #mom #vacation #love #blessed #yay

Bethany W

3 Years
My happy place. I think every mom should get a free vacation to the beach. Every. Year. #Family #sports #ohio #osu #yay #love #blessed #weekend #Kids #boys #love #beach #vacation #yay #Baby #boy #love #happy #smiley #vacation #Beach #yay #love #blessed #mom #moms #vacation #happyplace

Bethany W

3 Years

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