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10 Ways to Treat Your Morning Sickness

Pregnancy is different for every mom. Some expectant moms experience morning sickness in the first trimester others don't. While it's a common symptom for moms-to-be, being keeled over after an onset of inexplicable nausea is not any mom's idea of a bearable  side effect to the pregnancy glow.

Thankfully, you don't have to wait three months to experience relief. Follow these ten tips to treat your morning sickness, even if it doesn't only occur in the morning. 

1. Drink, Eat, Sniff Ginger

Ginger is known to help stave off nausea and vomiting. Drinking some ginger tea is the ideal way to consume ginger for its anti-nausea effects.

2. Eat Dry Crackers in the Morning

Keep a pack of dry crackers on your bedside. Many ob-gyn and their patients swear by the dry, bland, yet salty flavour of crackers to avoid throwing up in the morning.

3. Sip Water or Tea

A side effect of morning sickness is dehydration, which makes drinking fluids crucial. But sipping on water or tea throughout the day can also help prevent a trip to the bathroom or your face in a barf bag.

4. Sniff Something Sour

Some expecting mothers swear by lemon's anti-nausea benefits. You don't have to take a bite. Some moms benefit from scratching and sniffing lemon peel when they get a whiff of a triggering odour.

5. Avoid Smells That Make You Nauseous

Avoiding scents that trigger an upset stomach goes a long way in preventing anytime-of-the-day sickness.

6. Increase Your Intake of Vitamin B6

Consuming 25mg of B6 three times a day in addition to prenatal vitamins has been shown to reduce morning sickness.

7. Eat a Protein Rich Dinner

Go to bed with a belly full of protein-rich food to avoid feeling sick in the morning.

8. Suck on a Nausea Relief Drop 

All-Natural nausea relief drops work for anyone experiencing nausea, including pregnant moms.

9. Test Acupressure

Applying pressure on your wrists is shown to reduce symptoms of nausea. Save yourself the trouble of learning your pressure points by purchasing an acupressure bracelet.

10. Embrace Bland Food

The BRAT diet was formulated for queasy expectant moms. The diet incorporates bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast. All foods that are easy to keep down and that won't trigger your stomach.

The trick to curing morning sickness is finding what works for you. There's no cure-all because the underlying causes differ, and it often boils down to your hormones making your body sensitive to the most minute triggers. 

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