Posting Guidelines

Here at MomsBeyond, we love a lot of things: positive environments, inclusivity, the sense of community, all our lovely members and contributors. But there are some things we don’t like, things don’t go well with all that we love.

These things include:

a) Negative/abusive comments, posts, and behaviour.
b) Racist, discriminatory, and/or vulgar remarks.
c) Public endorsements, personal advertisements or promotions.
d) Recruitment
e) Any form of self-promotion

As we have the right to remove what we see fit, any posts, comments, questions, articles etc. that feature any of the above or do not adhere to the MomsBeyond community guidelines, will be deleted.

If you notice any of these within the community or have any concerns, please feel free to reach out--we want the MomsBeyond community to remain the positive and inclusive place that it is!

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