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5 Summer Recipes Your Kids Will Love

Summer is here, and with it, our children's vacations and spending more time at home together.

One of the areas of the house that we frequent the most is the kitchen, and in summer, with those long and hot days, my children often ask for delicious meals with refreshing touches.

Today I propose 5 easy, quick, and tasty recipes that can make the little ones of the house fall in love.

  1. Cold Pasta Salad Caprese Style

The first recipe that we make a lot in summer is cold pasta salads, children love pasta, and if we add color and flavor, we have already won their palates. One version of cold salad is the Italian caprese style. It is very simple, quick but very delicious. 

You will need as a base pasta cooked al dente (the one you prefer, we always choose the spiral or bow type), mozzarella cheese pearls, cherry tomatoes, basil, olive oil, salt and pepper. 

1. Put the drained and cold pasta in a bowl 

2. Add mozzarella pearls, halved cherry tomatoes, fresh basil in small pieces

3. Make a mixture of olive oil with a touch of salt and pepper 

4. Add the mixture to the bowl and mix everything together

5. Let cool together and serve as a side dish or as a main course for dinner

An extra that we usually add is diced cooked ham or tuna, so it will be a more protein-filled version, mamma mia...

  1. Cauliflower Sprouts with a Crunchy Crust

Cauliflower is not exactly an easy vegetable to put on children's plates, however, with this recipe you are sure to succeed and your children will not leave even a small piece of cauliflower on the plate.

You will need cauliflower florets (if you are a practical mom you can buy them in frozen bags ready to eat, otherwise you can buy the florets raw), eggs, wheat flour, salt and frying oil.

1. Separate the cauliflower into small florets (if you buy it raw, it should be cooked for 15 minutes over medium heat, so that it is al dente) 

2. Put a beaten egg and a touch of salt in a bowl 

3. Dip the sprigs one by one and then coat them with flour 

4. Place a frying pan with frying oil over medium high heat, fry the branches one by one separately until golden brown 

A trick to make them crispier is to remove the excess oil with absorbent kitchen paper. From here on, it will be a before and after with children and this particular vegetable.

  1. Four Cheese Pizza

Pizza lovers raise your hand. I have yet to meet a child who would say NO to a slice of pizza, regardless of its combination. Pizza is very versatile, and with the ease that supermarkets give us to choose ready-made doughs with different types of flours, thicknesses and sizes, making it at home will always be the best decision. The smell coming out of the oven eclipses the children. We make this version a lot, it is simple, delicious and very easy to make.

You will need pizza dough (I usually choose thin rectangular wheat dough), canned spicy tomato, 4 types of cheese (mozzarella, goat, cheddar and Emmental), and dried oregano. 

1. Place the rolled-out pizza dough on a baking sheet 

2. Add 3 or 4 tablespoons of crushed tomato (I usually choose the one with basil spice)

3. Place a thin layer of cheddar cheese, then pieces of mozzarella cheese, a few pieces of Emmental cheese and finally slices of goat cheese on top 

4. Before baking, sprinkle with dried oregano, it gives it an incredible flavor 

5. Bake for 15 minutes or until you see the cheeses brown. 

6. Let cool a little, and enjoy with the kids. The effect of stretching the cheese with the piece of pizza in the mouth is a classic of the house.

  1. Chicken Fingers with Avocado Sauce

The kids love chicken fingers, and for my kids they are a top choice for summer dinners on the terrace. They are a quick, delicious alternative, and very easy to prepare if you follow these tips. 

You will need chicken breast, Japanese panko, eggs, salt, pepper, avocado, lemon, and onion.

1. Cut the chicken breast into 1cm thick strips, imitating a finger, place in a bowl beaten egg with a touch of salt and pepper, and in another bowl Japanese panko (Japanese flour to coat)

2. Seal the chicken strips with the egg and dip them in the panko 

3. Fry the fingers in oil over high heat, one at a time until golden brown, and place on absorbent kitchen paper (the trick to get them crispy is not to let the panko burn)

4. While it cools, mash an avocado with a fork, add some chopped onion in very small squares, squeeze half a lime, and add salt


This simple version of guacamole is a great way for kids to dip their chicken fingers in. A mix of crunchy and smooth because of the sauce. A sure hit.

  1. Red Fruit Smoothie

There is nothing better against the heat, apart from water, than a cool smoothie. If we add milk and yogurt to the smoothie, we have a wonderful Smoothie. My kids love them, because of that ice cream-like texture, which refreshes at all times. This version is with red fruits, but you can change it for the fruit your children like the most.

You will need plain yogurt, a bag of frozen berries, half a frozen banana, milk, and chia seeds. 

1. We like an ice cream-like texture, and that is why I suggest that the fruits are frozen, otherwise you can make it with everything at refrigerator temperature.

2. Place the frozen berries (strawberries, raspberries and blueberries), half a previously frozen banana, a container of frozen natural yogurt, a little milk and a spoonful of chia seeds in the blender

3. Blend everything and adjust if you want it less thick, add more milk.

4. Serve in a glass, garnish with fruit and toast with your children for the days of family fun and games.

As my grandmother says, homemade tastes better.

Bon appetit and good recipes.

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