Coping with "Morning" Sickness with a Toddler

Coping with Morning Sickness with a Toddler

Coping with morning sickness (or in my case hyperemesis gravidarum) when raising a toddler can be a challenge. You may have work, house duties, life plans and it all gets thrown out the window pretty quickly. I personally work from home full time, blog and am the mom of a two year old... so I was hit with a mega-whammy when my morning sickness was significantly worse this go around.

I was sick my first pregnancy (only threw up a few times a day + could keep the sick feeling mostly under control by light snacking). I knew going in I would probably be sick again but was optimistic I would be able to keep it under control. However, this go around the sickness came on earlier and much more rampant. I tried so many things to keep it at bay this go around and I was much better about snacking and staying hydrated from the get go but nothing was working. It gradually was getting worse and worse and just when I thought it would “ease up”, I was beyond the 10 week mark...I had a vomiting spell that lasted for over 12 hours straight and I couldn't even keep water down.  So off to the ER I went and I was given diclegis (along with some stronger meds in the hospital + two IV fluid bags).

What I learned was I should have asked for medicine sooner and not tried to tough it out. I truly didn't realize how bad I had felt until the next day I almost felt being my old self and I saw how truly sick I had been.  

During my sickness here is what I did to help keep myself sane. 1. To keep my little one entertained during the sick spells we sat outside and he played a lot (thank goodness the weather was nice)! 2. I gave him lots of small activities that were super easy to throw together!  3. I made sure to also rotate toys frequently so he was entertained. 4. I asked my husband for more help when I needed it.

Another tip, give yourself grace.  I got done what I needed to and that was it. I am usually the type of girl with my plate piled high but I just couldn't do that my first trimester…. And you know what? Everything turned out just fine! My husband was understanding that dinner was impossible for me to cook most nights and he was so great in stepping up to do what our family needed! 

One last thing….When all else failed we watched TV… and I am ok with that.  I was hopeful that my sickness wouldn't last much past the 1st trimester and luckily by about week 16 I was feeling almost like my normal self. That was one of the hardest things I help against myself because I felt like I was being a “bad mom” and we were having too much screen time.
However, looking back we did what we had to and we are back to hardly getting screen time anymore!

So all you mamas out there needing to survive “morning” sickness -  you can do it! Give yourself grace and do what you can and “this too shall pass”.

What are your best tips for beating morning sickness?
XOXO Lauren

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Lauren S

Thanks Gabriella J! I am feeling SO much better now! 

4 Years / report
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Gabriella J

Oh my! I hope you feel better Lauren S

4 Years / report
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