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Healthy Summer Treats for Kids & their snacky Moms

Summer time means time for road trips, days out in the park, picnics and above all ICE CREAM! Whether it's soft serve, gelato or frozen yogurt, I simply can't get enough of the frozen delight. 

As much as I love ice cream though, I also have to admit that it is unfortunately not the healthiest food to indulge in (I know, it's a tragedy). And while it is perfectly okay to treat your little ones and yourself to a guilty pleasure once in a while, a closer look at the delicious dessert's ingredients reveals that ice cream, gelato and contrary to popular belief, frozen yogurt as welll, contain lots of added sugars and fat. This means that they are not exactly the healthiest option to nourish your children and yourself and make sure that you are all healthy, happy and strong to take on any summer adventure. 

So what to do when your kid sees the ice cream truck drive by or you find yourself craving a cool snack, but you don't want to give in to the sugary temptation again?

Well, luckily enough there are lots of healthy and delicious alternatives to ice cream. And the best thing is, they are all super easy to make at home!

  • Fruity Popsicles

Simply fill a popsicle mold with sliced fruit and berries of your choice, add coconut water and a little bit of either honey or maple syrup for some natural sweetness. Insert stick and place in freezer until firm. It's as easy as that and absolutely delicious. 

  • Banana Ice Cream

If you're more of an advocate for that perfect scoop as opposed to popsicles, give this all-fruit ice cream a try. Freeze sliced and preferably overripe bananas. Whirl them in a blender until they become the creamy texture of regular ice cream. You can add other frozen or fresh fruit as well as some peanut butter for some yummy, colorful toppings. 

  • Watermelon on a Stick

Watermelon already is one of the most popular summer snacks, but a simple twist can make the eating experience so much more fun, especially for your little ones and all those moms that are still truly children at heart. Insert a popsicle stick in the rind of some watermelon wedges, place in the fridge for a couple minutes until chilled and enjoy!

Now while these snacks are all absolutely delicious, they may still not be able to spark the same delight as that chunky, cookie dough ice cream, especially in your kid's eyes. And the thing is, they don't have to. 

There is no need to cut ice cream completely out of your summer diet. Instead, next time your child asks for an ice cream or you find yourself reaching for a store-bought frozen treat, ask yourself whether that craving can be satisfied by one of the healthy alternatives. 

If yes, great, let me know which of the recipes is your favorite! 

If not, then go get that ice cream and don't feel bad about it either. 

Because in the end, a healthy diet is all about balance and the summer is all about enjoying life!

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