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How to Keep Your Kids Warm During the Winter
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How to Keep Your Kids Warm During the Winter

Depending on where you live, winter might be feeling more or less close to you around the end of November. But whether you're already shovelling snow or still holding on to the fall sweater weather, it's starting to be the time of year where you start worrying about keeping your kid warm, dry and comfy. 

So we've put together some useful and easy tips for snuggling up! That way, the cold weather will no longer be an excuse to stop you and your little ones from going out, having fun and making the most out of the winter season. 


This can't be stressed often enough: Layering is the key to staying warm. The important thing is to dress smart and pursue the onion technique of stacking a bunch of thin layers on top of each other.

Start with a good base layer, ideally heat tech or thermal clothing. Investing in good base clothing is like investigating in the foundation of a house, it will for sure make things easier as you go on. 

Then, according to your local weather conditions you can add a range of differing normal clothing, mid layers and an outer layer. 

Also, if it is wet or snowy outside where you live, be careful to avoid heavy cotton such as jeans. Once heavy cotton gets wet, it takes a long time to dry and being stuck in cold clothes actually cools down your body temperature. 

Accessories & Footwear

Keeping your kid's extremities, so feet, hands and ears warm is essential as these are the body parts that tend to get cold easily. Again, you want to go for waterproof gloves and footwear to keep them nice and dry. 

Extra Gadgets

Apart from clothing, there are some other neat tools to help you and your little ones stay warm. Hand warmers are convenient to carry around in your pocket for an extra dosis of heat when needed. 

Be Snacky

Make sure to always carry some snacks with you as the body burns more calories in the cold and your child will start getting cold if they are hungry and low on caloric intake. 

Stay Hydrated

Drinking enough is important for general health year-round, but in the winter we tend to forget about that. Warm tea, soup or the occasional hot chocolate are great for keeping your kid and you cozy and hydrated. 

Let us know what the winter is like where you live and feel free to share some of your tips and tricks for staying warm during the winter. 

Stay snuggly and happy winter fun times!

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