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Lashes to Make Your Eyes POP

Lashes to Make Your Eyes POP

First off, can we all agree that Amazon is the best thing EVER?! It’s my go-to for almost anything. It’s bad. Sometimes I think I have a problem. I mean, it’s so exciting to come home to those packages at your door, right?! Haha. Ok, I digress...

I’ve been in the market for some killer lashes for a while now. I’ll admit I’m pretty picky when it comes to makeup so I feel like I’ve tried them all...from MAC, to popular brands at Sephora, to cheap ones at he drugstore...the list goes on. But then I came across these on Amazon. Ummmm hellerrr, why didn’t I think to look here before?! Oh, and they’re cheap. I just can’t get down with spending a fortune on lash strips, even if you reuse them a few times.

What I love about these Christina lashes (#43) is that they are full without looking ridiculous and SUPER easy to apply.

They also fit my eye perfectly without having to cut them so it’s literally “pop and go” type of thing. If you’re like me, it would take me forever to do my eye makeup...especially my lashes! I’d curl my lashes first, apply a few coats of mascara, heat the eyelash curler with my hairdryer, curl two more times with heat, and then once more without. What. The. Heck. High maintenance much?! And I’m not “that” high maintenance. Haha.

But since I’ve found these lashes I only apply one coat of mascara, pop on my lashes and go! Total time saver and my eye makeup always looks BOMB!

Now on to this killer glue I found...again on Amazon! I have super sensitive eyes, so most glues I had tried in the past left my eyes irritated and “stingy.” This Cardani Secure Hold Glue is formaldehyde-free (If you can use products with less toxins, why not right?), dries clear, and holds my lashes  in place perfectly! But here’s a pro tip: keep an extra tube in your purse just incase!


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