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Suiting up for Summer

Suiting up for Summer

As moms and moms to be it is so hard to find a swim suit that fits your personailty AND makes you feel good! I am all about rocking a one piece or a bikini.  I think no matter what your size or shape you should feel confident in what you wear.  I think if you find something that flatters your body and shows your personality it helps boost your confidence to rock it!

Our bodies as moms can be constantly changing and that can be hard to keep up with in the bathing suit area.  It can also be hard to find time to go get a swimsuit and try it on with our busy lMives.  I have found a lot of luck with amazon! So many of us already love their service and I love ordering clothes there.  I haven't had to return anything I have ordered yet but with prime you get free returns! Here are my favorite suits you can order off amazon! 

Pretty In Pink

Boho Beauty

Leafy Love

BONUS COVER UP [comes in a varitey of colors]

Rad in Retro 

Geometric Goddess

Crazy for Criss Cross

Hot for Cold Shoulder Bikini

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