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The 3 Best Money-Saving Tips For Moms-To-Be

The 3 Best Money-Saving Tips For Moms-To-Be

Having a baby is the most exciting time in a person’s life but it’s also likely to be the most expensive time. There is so much a baby needs and it’s all so pricey. But does it really have to be? For the family where money is a factor, preparing for a baby can be overwhelming, stressful, and even scary. But with a few simple tips, you can take away some of the financial strain and still feel totally ready to take on mommy-hood.

1. Used Clothing And Toys

We all want the best for our baby and we are all at least a tiny bit obsessed with making them look super cute. This leads to use buying brand name outfits that are overpriced and that our babies will only wear once or twice before it’s outgrown. It’s madness. I could tell you to go buy cheaper stuff from cheaper stores but there is really no reason to compromise on the quality and style you want for baby. That’s why I recommend going second hand!

You can get fantastic deals on clothing by searching your local “Mommy Sale” groups on Facebook or heading to second hand baby stores like Once Upon A Child. (I specifically say BABY because your run of the mill thrift stores will be very luck of the draw on whether you’ll find what you’re looking for since they carry so many different things.) Same goes for baby toys! If it can be easily washed and sanitized, there’s no reason to get brand new items when you can usually find great quality used.

2. Tone It Down

Trust me, I get it. You want the full experience of preparing for your baby’s arrival. You are all over Instagram and Pinterest looking at all the amazing nurseries. You’re Googling all the cutest boutiques for little outfits, booties, and hats. You’re shopping for the top of the line in baby gear ensuring your baby will have the best swing, bouncer, carrier, activity gym, and fancy stroller.

I’m going to tell your right now that this is probably the biggest place we go over budget and not only that, we end up overwhelmed with stuff. The truth is, in the excitement we end up going way overboard. I highly recommend stopping and reasoning with yourself about things. Yes, a swing is a great thing to have but it doesn’t have to be a $1000 swing. A nursery is a special place and we all want that picture perfect set up but your baby won’t use blankets and pillows. I’m not saying not to get an adorable crib set, but realize that it’s for you and not your baby and don’t feel like you need to spend $600 on it.

3. Need Vs. Nice

Similarly to the way we get out of control in getting the “Instagram-worthy” items for baby, we also go out of our way to get things that our babies absolutely do not need and will not use. It’s important to note, I’m not saying it’s wrong to get things your baby doesn’t need if it makes you happy. I’m just saying if the name of the game for you is budget-friendly, there are a lot of items you can skip. For example, your baby will not need shoes until they’re around 1 year and walking. Also, a cute pram stroller is nice but it has a very short lifespan before you need to buy a new stroller. It’s much more practical to get a convertible stroller that can be used with or without a newborn car seat.

My advice is to sit down with a clear head and make a list of things you need and a list of things you want. Be logical and reasonable. After the baby shower (if you’re having one), cross off things you now and have and then get the things you absolutely need. If there’s budget leftover, definitely get a few of those “wants” as well.

These tips will help you feel prepared for your new addition without breaking the bank. They leave a lot of flexibility as well depending where you’re at financially. There’s room to splurge if you can but you also don’t need to. The goal is to meet your baby’s needs and still have the experience you dreamed of. Remember, at the end of the day the most important thing is that our baby is loved and that doesn’t cost a penny.

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Gillian is a 20-something Canadian blogger/writer, wife, and mother of one. Her work can be found on various publications including; Elite Daily, Unwritten, Huffington Post, Her Track, MissHeard Magazine, and of course, MomsBeyond. When it comes to "Mom-Blogging", her philosophy is simple: be authentic. Her ability to fearlessly "tell it like it is" makes her work a must-read for any mom or mom-to-be.
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