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Tips For Surviving The First Trimester

Beginnings are often challenging, and the early stages of growing a new life are no different. For some women, the first trimester can be downright brutal. From the fatigue to the neverending morning sickness and rollercoaster of emotions, the first 3 months of your pregnancy might be the toughest to face. However, this discomfort will pass, but in the meantime, here are a few tips to help deal with the challenges.

Know What To Expect

During this trimester, your body is still adjusting to the growing life inside you and producing hormones to help get your body ready. This sudden surge of hormones can leave you feeling out of sorts. But if you know what to expect, you can face the challenges with more confidence. 

Common pregnancy symptoms experienced in the first trimester include:


-Mood swings

-Morning sickness

-Breast tenderness



-Frequent need to pee

-Food cravings and aversions 

Deal With The Symptoms

-Once you know what to expect, you can figure out how to survive each of the symptoms. 

-Get more sleep whenever you can to help deal with the fatigue. Understand that even small tasks, such as walking up the stairs, will leave you feeling wiped out, so rest as much as you can. 

-Be prepared for morning sickness. It can strike at any time, so knowing your triggers can help ease the discomfort and stay ahead of nausea. You can eat small frequent meals, avoid spicy or greasy meals, and try ginger and peppermint to soothe your tummy. Also, avoid strong smells as your sense of smell will be heightened, and it can trigger your nausea. What’s important is finding a remedy that works for you. 

-Despite the frequent need to urinate, ensure you stay hydrated. This ensures you have enough fluids to healthily form the amniotic fluid, build new tissue, carry nutrients and even keep morning sickness at bay.  

-Stay active and exercise. You can do some yoga, swim, or any low-impact workout but don’t overdo it. This will help you stay healthy through your first trimester.  

-Use a warm cloth to massage your sore breasts, or take a hot shower to help reduce the swelling. Also, get refitted for your bras; they are getting bigger, and the smaller bra size might worsen your breast soreness. 

-The hormonal changes will throw your emotions out of whack, so it’s vital to be kind to yourself. You will have serious mood swings, but it is normal and will come to pass. Instead, embrace the moment and celebrate the good moments.

What To Avoid

Since your pregnancy is still in the early stages, you are both very delicate and need to stay safe to prevent a miscarriage. Here are a few of the things to avoid to stay healthy.


-Smoking and e-cigarettes.

-Certain seafood due to the high mercury level.

-Raw, undercooked meat and eggs.

-Processed foods such as deli meats.

-Try not to gain too much weight, as it can put your baby at risk of obesity. 

-Sauna, hot tubs, and steam rooms since you could overheat and faint.

-Cleaning the cat’s litter box as a parasite found in feline waste can cause miscarriage or stillbirth.

Your body will undergo a lot of changes in the next 9 months, but the first 3 are where your baby will develop fastest. As such, this can take a serious toll on your body. But with these tips, you can ease the discomfort and survive those three months. Remember to give yourself some grace. You are growing another human being, after all, so be patient with yourself. You can do it, mama! 

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