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Mother of 3 British Columbia, Canada, British Columbia @Christinecbaxh

The Imperfect Art of Adulting


How to Deal With Unwanted "Mum" Advice

Once you’ve announced you’re pregnant there is no getting away from it.Peopl...


Break It Down! How to Help Your Teen with ADHD Set Goals

Academics are a big part of a teen’s life. And don’t get me wrong- grades ar...


3 Surprising Things That Drain Your Energy

Ever feel like you just have nothing left to give? Do you feel drained even afte...


Mindset of a New Mom

As much as motherhood is a beautiful phase, there are so many things that we are...


What Do Stay at Home Moms Do While Kids Are in Daycare?

This is a common question that I get asked all the time and it’s frustrating.I...


4 Ways to Keep Up to Date with Your Career

There are lots of ways we, as new moms or even temporary stay-at-home moms, can ...


Your Guide on Road Trip Activities for Toddlers

Most of us aren’t traveling very far with this pandemic. If you’re like us, ...


Easy DIY Gift Wrapper Activity for Toddlers

'Tis the Season is here. And it’s about to get overwhelming. As we begin ...


4 Tips to Help Avoid Extra Stress This Holiday Season

The holiday season is here and prior to being a mom, my holiday prep involved bu...

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Are Pinterest Moms The Enemy?

The dreaded "Pinterest Moms, you know the ones. They craft all the things, bake everything from scra...

Hi! I live on the West Coast of Canada with my husband, three kids and approximately one million plant babies.

I'm in the exploratory "In-Between" phase of rediscovering myself after being a stay-at-home mom for the last decade. I love all adventures on the water or in the forest and connecting with other open-hearted, lifelong learners.

I just launched my blog, The-InBetween.ca, and plan to interview other women who have found their passions in the hopes that it leads me to my next adventure.

Looking forward to connecting.

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