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Kailin B

Mother of 4 Salt Lake City, Utah @Kailinbeck

Montessori, motherhood & manchego cheese enthusiast


An Easy and "Cute" Valentine for Your "Cutie"

If your toddler's school is anything like mine, his school Valentines Day Party ...


About Motherhood

The moment we become mothers, our jobs begin.  We are not given an instruct...


How to Love Your Postpartum Body

In my life I’ve been many things: thin, fat, fit, but my favourite by a countr...


Self-care Isn't Selfish!

For a lot of Mothers, myself included, self-care seems like the least important ...


Where Dad Fits in With Parenting: What to Expect and What to Let Go

Everything was all lovey-dovey in the beginning with you and your husband. Add a...

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    Mom, makeup addict,made in Ukraine, byelingual at times

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    Mom of 6

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    love movies, books, surfing the net

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    I am mam of 1 children from Ethiopia

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    Soon to be mummy! Engaged, mortgaged house, 2 dogs and ...

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    A nutritionist and mom who loves the natural, simple life.


Having a Healthy Marriage With Kids (+ Why We Don’t Exchange Valentine’s Gifts)

It’s love month! And while I am frequently found strolling the dollar aisles at Target getting fes...


Helping Your Kids Get to Sleep Earlier – the Easy Way

Since sleep impacts so much of our quality of life from immune function to mental health, I am a hug...


5 Reasons Why My Kids Are in Bed Before 8 P.M.

Bedtime: probably one of the most passionate discussions amongst parents. People usually have p...

Kailin is a nomadic mama to 2 (and twins on the way!) currently residing in Salt Lake City. She received a Bachelor’s Degree in Marriage & Family Studies and studied child development in depth academically. She is very passionate about helping other moms feel fulfilled and successful in their role, and believes that education and community are crucial to that. Kailin has moved 8 times in the last decade, most of those cross-country moves for her husband’s education and work. She finds a lot of joy in traveling, yoga, and most of all- a rare, treasured date night out!

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