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Laila W
Laila W
Mom of two Boys! Minor helicopter parent, Entrepreneur and Licensed Social Worker.

I’m a mom to two spunky little boys! Being a mom, working with children as a licensed social worker and selling magical crafts and toys are all my passions! I strive to live life in color and experience life in all its splendor, every messy and kid filled moment. Since I discovered it, I have become a strong advocate of gentle parenting. I would love to encourage all parents to treat themselves with more kindness and spread the kindness and light to their children and the world! Joining children in their imaginative, everything possible world is a great hobby of mine!
I am immensely grateful to you for joining me in my journey!

My Stories

Motherhood Hacks


My kid needed to relax and wind down after school; this was the perfect way to do that!

After a long day of work and a long day of school for my five-year-old, we both came home desperately needing to wind down. How did we know that? Well,...

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