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Allie W
Allie W
Mama of 1. Coffee lover. Gamer. DoTERRA Elite.

My birth stone is a coffee bean. I'm constantly carrying a mug around the farm with me. You probably won't see me without my camera. I love Jesus and woo woo and believe that science and faith can co-exist. I have a daughter, Diana, who is almost 3 and a husband, Justin, who is a recovering addict. I'm an Elite with doTERRA and I love feeling empowered and enabled to care for my family in a NATURAL way.

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Health and Fitness


How to Get Your Husband to Use Essential Oils

Recently, my husband actually joined me in building out our doTERRA team and hosting classes. Our first class is Saturday morning and I'm SO NERVOUS, y'all! I know we'll rock...

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An Open Letter to My Mixed Daughter

My sweet little baby,I don't know exactly how to say the things I need to say, but I'm going to try my hardest because these are things you need to...

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Mamas, You Can Manage Your Anxiety

First of all, I think I need to share that I struggle with anxiety. It's the terrible, debilitating kind. I don't get sad or cry; I get angry. Honestly, it's...

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Essential Oils and Toddlers

At some point, I might do an "Essential Oils and Babies" article, but this is much more relevant to me at this time and I love to share what I'm...

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