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Kari V
Kari V
Mom of two girls (3 + 0). Brought up in the Caribbean living in Amsterdam.

Kari writes for is a momblog where you can find new articles, three times a week, about parenting, style, beauty and health. Kari is married (to another mama) and together they have two daughters: Isaya (3) and Alela (0). Kari grew up in the Caribbean, but when she was fourteen she moved to The Netherlands. She and her family live in Amsterdam. Once a months she writes about Dutchie Momlife for MomsBeyond.

My Stories

Health and Fitness


How Motherhood Changed my Relation with my Body

There was a time when I used to hate my body with a fierceness that almost killed me. I suffered from Anorexia Nervosa as a teenager. When my eating disorder...

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What happens when we are dictated by fear

A few nights ago, I was sitting in bed, working, with my 3-year-old asleep next to me. My newborn baby was lying in my arms. The house was supposed to...

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When parenting worlds collide

I’ve been thinking about writing this blogpost for over a year now, but never seem to get myself to do it. It is such a difficult subject, yet I discuss...

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Why are there no gay characters in kids tv shows?

My daughter has two moms. She loves us both fiercely. She doesn’t really think about the fact that her situation may be different than other kids. She knows about the...

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Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the kindest of them all?

As my daughter is getting older I notice that, even though I want many things for her, the one thing I seem to value most is to instill kindness in...

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Losing friends when you become a mother

I will never forget the reaction of one of my best friends, when I told her I was pregnant. She looked at me in silence, for minutes, full of disbelieve....

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