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Jenessy R
Jenessy R
Mom-on-the-go, Yoga lover, Straightforward, Good-humored

Jenessy Raley is a young, Latina mom-on-the-go that loves to practice yoga and mindfulness. When she isn’t style blogging or spending time outdoors with her husband and two daughters, you can most likely find her empowering families to live their best lives through her role as a Family Advocate. Jenessy’s straightforward, good-humored, and contemplative nature make her an amusing person to be around—when she isn’t embarrassing herself. Living her life as an open book sheds light on the struggles we all share and proves that we can overcome our own personal conflicts. Inspired by the quote, “Live your dream,” Jenessy’s life embodies the very meaning of this phrase. Her goal in life is simply to be internally happy, as a foundation for the amazing opportunities to come. Nothing is more powerful than being proud of where you are in your journey and realizing that the future will be just as sweet! You can catch up with Jenessy on Instagram or on her style blog. 

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Am I still here?

Am I still here? After devoting another day to other humans’ cries, needs, and wants while neglecting my own. Am I still here? The place where my mind hurts from...

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