10 Fun Indoor Activities to get Kids Moving on Bad Weather Days

10 Fun Indoor Activities to get Kids Moving on Bad Weather Days
November 26, 2019

It’s natural and healthy for children to want to move their bodies...a lot! 

Kids love to run, jump and climb. They're made to move,  and it’s good for them.

Kids who get regular physical activity:

  • Build strong bones and muscles

  • Have better focus in school

  • Are more able to cope with stress

  • Have improved behavior in the classroom 

  • Sleep better

  • Have less depression and anxiety

  • Are at a healthier weight range

Of course, running, jumping and climbing is best done outdoors;  they get vitamin D, fresh air, and dirty...it’s all good for them! Even the dirt.

Even if the weather is bad, it's good to get kids outdoors for fresh air and movement.  

Playing outdoors in bad weather

But that’s not always possible.

So what's a mom to do when little ones are stuck in the house on cold, wet or stormy days?  How do you get them moving indoors in a way that's safe and doesn't destroy your house or your sanity?

Here are 10 fun physical activities kids can do indoors:

You can tailor these activities and games for the older or younger children.  When they're toddlers, you'll need to play along with them.  

Physical activity is good for moms and dads, too!  Why not join in on any and all of these activities-even with the bigger kids. I promise you’ll have fun, and you know how much they love it when mom or dad plays with them.

1. Play animal charades-everyone takes turns pretending to be an animal and the others guess.  The winner is the next to pretend to be the animal.

Playing Animal Charades

2. Make an indoor obstacle course

3. Play Hide-and-Seek

4. Build a fort 

5. Have a dance party 

6. Play Simon Says

7. Exercise or yoga with mom or dad


Doing yoga with mom

8. Pillow fight 

9. Sit-up and push up contests

10. Wash and dry the kitchen floor

My all-time favorite from this list is having my energetic little helpers wash and dry the kitchen floor. Fill a large bowl with warm sudsy water and give your little ones an old rag. Make sure they do all their floor-washing sitting down on the floor, because you don’t want anyone to slip and fall.

Then, even more fun than washing might be skating, I mean drying the floor.  Everyone gets towels wrapped on their feet to skate and somehow the floor gets dried.  Of course, you still have to supervise, but everyone has fun!

They’ll have a great time and you get a somewhat clean floor.  

Got another idea that wasn’t mentioned here? 

Please share!  Winter is coming. 

We all need as many ideas as we can get!

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