2019 Goals.

2019 Goals.

With the new year comes setting goals and positive mindsets.  I know there is debate on whether or not to set resolutions or not.  I think that any time is always a good time to set goals. We often get down on ourselves for “falling off the wagon”... however, you can always get back on.  

I heard someone say the other day that even if you eat an awful breakfast don’t just give up on the rest of the day. Those small moments are the chances to redeem and persevere. I like to take this perspective for goals small or large. Don’t give up over a small hurdle.

I think it's important to set positive mindsets but also knowing that we are all not perfect. It is ok if you bobble a little… it is a lesson and that lesson can help you learn and grown. Also, you do not have to set MEGA goals. You can set baby step goals too! 

So with that being said I want to talk about my goals for 2019. Nothing that seems big, but small goals help make big changes!

  1. If you don’t follow me on Instagram, I shared that my word for 2019 is imagination. I want to change my mindset and instead of imagining the worst of every situation I want to spin it positive. I want to also be imaginative in my business and what new things I can accomplish. And finally, I want to be able to use my imagination with my kids and let them live in a more creative environment. 

  2. Continue on my health journey. I am 2+ months postpartum and I am getting in my groove of working out and eating better...ish. Breastfeeding has given me a mega sweet tooth and the holidays didnt help but I am working to make better decisions throughout each day… and hey a few cheats here and there are ok!
  3. Be present. Social media is something I love but I also want to be present with my kiddos so I am learning to find balance.
  4. Stay organized. I did well this year in handling my perfectionism. I like to be organized but I try to not over stress about it. Seems backwards, but sometimes I get a little over the top with my lists.
  5. Spread joy. I think that positive thinking and actions help create a good environment and I hope to spread joy and love to others to help impact lives in a positive way.

What are your goals for 2019?

XOXO, Gabbing Ginger

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