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5 Back to School Low-Prep Letter Activities

With school being back in session, we want to help our children whenever we can. But let's be honest, finding the time can be hard! Navigating everyone's busy schedules, meals, homework…. the list goes on. It's tough! Now your little one is working on new skills and you desperately want to help them, but it's just another thing on the list. I feel you mama. 

During my time as a teacher, I threw out homework and replaced it with giving families realistic ways to fit learning into busy schedules, and I want to share some of my favorites with you! 

So here are five letter activities that are super fun for kids, engaging, and won't take you long to set up. All of these activities are written for letters, but can easily be changed out for numbers, sight words, or whatever your little one is working on! 

• Letter Match Spoons

Materials: Spoons (plastic or regular silver spoons) and a dry erase marker

Write some uppercase letters on some spoons and lowercase letters on another. Have your child stack the spoons to match the letters! Use more spoons to make it more challenging or just a few spoons for beginning learners! (Easy tip: do this right before starting the dishwasher, then throw the spoons in! Super easy!)

• Letter High Fives

Materials: Paper, scissors, markers

Stack some paper up, trace your hand, cut the handprints out, and then write the letters on the handprint. Tape them up near doors, stairs, or entryways. Every time your little one leaves a room or the house, have them high-five the letter and say it. Keep it up for a few days! To make this more challenging, have them say the sound instead of the letter or do sight words instead. Let them hit the letter and yell it; they love it!

• Pasta Letters- Making noodles for dinner? An easy, fun way to entertain them and get some learning in!

Materials: Paper, pencil, noodles

This one is super easy and is great for fine motor skills. All you do is write a letter big on a piece of paper and have them use pasta noodles to create that letter! For beginners, write the letter and try to stack it on top. To make it more challenging, don't write a letter for them and encourage them to make it from scratch! 

• Shaving Cream Letters- Not as messy as it sounds!

Materials: Shaving cream

This one was always a favorite when I taught kindergarten! Put a tiny bit of shaving cream on any surface, spread it around, and have them write letters in it. In the classroom, I would have them put it directly on their desks, and then they'd rub it in at the end. I like to use an outside table (hose it off when done), or I will put it on a baking sheet! Seriously so fun!

• Lego Letters

Materials: Legos and a dry erase marker

This one is super easy and fun, especially for the lego lovers of the world. Write letters on the sides of legos and stack them however you choose. You can use them to match letters, stack the alphabet in order, or create a word (or their name). 

School can be super overwhelming for both little ones and parents, so try not to be too tough on yourself. Skill practice at home is important, but taking a break when needed is too. Help when you can, but also enjoy the moments with your kids while they are still little. We hope your school year is amazing! 

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