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5 Christmas Decorating Hacks You'll Love

Ok, guys. Are you ready to get into the Holiday spirit? I'm getting my house together with decorations and want to share five Christmas Decorating Hacks with you!

I am all about saving time, but I still want the Martha look! The following are things I do in my home for Christmas decor.

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5 Christmas Decorating Hacks

1. Double sized lights for Christmas tree


Using two different sized lights will give our trees a more luxurious finish!

I am using these lights I bought at Home Depot, but there are even cuter ones on Amazon. See below.

I love, love, love these lights from Amazon to mix in with the traditional white lights for the tree!

We just started decorating our tree but here it is with the two sized lights so far. I think once we dress the rest, it will look fantastic! I'll post another picture once we are done!

2. Mantle with Fresh Tree Branches

PEACE stocking holders from Pottery BarnGnomes from Nordstrom Rack

I picked up some free Christmas tree cuttings from Home Depot, made two bunches and placed them on the mantle with a candle in the middle. I added few additional candles and sparkle lights. And for some whimsy, I placed a gnome on each side!

This snowflake is nice on Amazon!Love this deer too, also on Amazon.

I will switch out the juniper branches each week to keep things looking fresh.

3. Poinsettia Living Wall

I love my living wall! It's been a few years since I installed it (see how, on my living wall blog post). Each Holiday, it's fun to add fun theme accents to the wall. I grabbed a bunch of small poinsettias and placed them in the pods. I will add battery timed lights for some sparkle at night! This is so easy, guys. If you are on the west coast with access to succulents, there is no reason not to make one!

4. Lighted Garland Along Staircase

We bought this imitation garland with lights at Costco years ago. I love that it's so easy to put up with simple ties onto the railing. I am not sure if Costco still carries these, so here's an alternative garland from Amazon that is a good value and looks nice too.

5. Decorative Juniper and Cranberry Mason Jars

Use these as a simple table setting addition or decor by the appetizer plates when you have guests. Tie some twine on to the top of the jar to give it more detail.

I used a few pieces from the Christmas tree, added fresh cranberries, water, and a tea light. Consider floating candles that will last a bit longer than tea lights. And Amazon has great deals on mason jars.

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The name, Ounce of Salt, comes from the idea that salt adds zest– not just to food, but to life itself. The Ounce of Salt brand aspires to add just the right amount of flavor to the lives of its readers. I look forward to connecting!
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